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The 360: Kanten Russell hits skateboarding from every angle

Kanten Russell’s lifetime of skateboarding gives him unique insight into the needs of the skate community, and of his clients

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<p>The city respects us for our ability to relate to them.&nbsp; The users respect our ability to understand what they really want. And it doesn’t hurt that we still ride.</p> <p>I was a professional skateboarder for 13 years, and then transitioned into designing skate parks. To use all the knowledge and … and things I experienced through skateboarding, and how that world works kind of gives me a good sense of where skateboarding is now and understand kind of what people are really looking for when the hire us as a consultant.</p> <p>We’re hired to be the conduit from the city to, to the end user. They don’t understand the terminology. They don’t understand some of the way that things are laying out, or why would we do this as opposed to this.</p> <p>In skateboarding, I was known for doing the craziest jumps and you know, crazy daredevil kind of stuff, and I think that sort of drive and motivation and passion, they could see that through my skateboarding. Fast-forward to my design career, I feel like it’s a little bit the same thing. You know, the passion, drive, continually, pushing what we’re doing into areas we’ve never done before, being innovative and the formula we have works every time. So I think its building trust with a client, and having them understand that we are, you know, the best at what we do.</p> <p>Having that, you know, authentic background, the credibility to do what we do, in the sport and outside the sport, does help, and is a necessity, I think, at some level.<b></b></p>

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