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The Stantec intern experience – Meet our Austin interns

The Stantec intern experience empowers students to collaborate, create, experiment, research, design, and inspire. Meet our Austin interns.

Transcript of the video follows
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<p><b>Gabriella:</b></p> <p>My name is Gabriella Bermea, and I am an incoming fourth year architecture student at the University of Arkansas.</p> <p><b>Hannah F:</b></p> <p>My name is Hannah Foley I attend Texas State University, I am majoring in interior design.</p> <p><b>Hannah D:</b></p> <p>Hi my name is Hannah Dorpfeld I’m from Medina and I go to Cornell University and I study Design and Environmental Analysis.</p> <p><b>Valentina:</b></p> <p>Hi my name is Valentina Rodriguez and I go to University of Texas at Austin.</p> <p><b>Gabriella:</b></p> <p>My six-word story is: Nothing is more beautiful than kindness.</p> <p><b>Hannah F:</b></p> <p>My six word story is always embrace the people around you.</p> <p><b>Hannah D:</b></p> <p>My six word story is joy is learning through the process.</p> <p><b>Valentina:</b></p> <p>My six word story is design for a better future together.</p> <p><b>Gabriella:</b></p> <p>I chose Stantec because of the amazing opportunity there is to grow here within the Austin community and the global design community as well. I am very fortunate to have been a part of a team that is very forward thinking and really pushes the boundaries for what educational architecture and research can really be. I love being a part of a firm where learning and education is not only encouraged, but it’s almost expected of the people who work here. I love being in that realm of participation to where I feel included as well as though I am a part of a team.</p> <p><b>Hannah F:</b></p> <p>I chose Stantec because they invited me into a welcoming community that allowed me to work hands on with clients and every project.&nbsp; It also allowed me to further my education and really explore the field.</p> <p><b>Hannah D:</b></p> <p>I chose Stantec for an internship because my old TA recommended it. She used to work here and so I interviewed with her and a few of the employees and they were very welcoming and since I’ve come I’ve learned a lot just by being around the environment and asking questions and getting good answers from all of the people here and they made me feel at home.</p> <p><b>Valentina:</b></p> <p>The reason why I chose Stantec was because I wanted to get a real world experience about of what the architecture field is like outside of school. I’ve been in the Stantec Austin office for about a month and I’ve been getting a lot of hands on experience with all the different facets of the architecture world and I’ve been enjoying my experience here with the different projects I’ve been given and the responsibilities I’ve been given and also with the people that I work with. And especially when I get stuck in things or when I want to learn more about a certain tool that school doesn’t provide, the experience here has helped me.</p> <p><b>Gabriella:</b></p> <p>I have really loved the work that I have been able to do this summer, and I very much look forward to what the future holds within my design career and Stantec as well.&nbsp;</p>

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