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Developing a community resilience agenda

Few communities are able to put together meaningful resilience plans that tell investors how they will survive a catastrophic event

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<p>The kind of clients I have, planning and urban design clients, don't ask that much about what do they need to be resilient. They're worried about resiliency. They talk to us about resiliency, but they kind of recognize one project at a time they can't do so much. What they want to know is how their community can come together to develop a resiliency agenda.</p> <p>So, let's look at Boston right now. You have a bunch of developers who have learned that there are certain companies that will provide them with, sort of protective ... It's almost likeprotective fencing. It's almost like an instant levy they can put up around their buildings. They can do it in a couple of hours. You know, sea level Boston floods two or three feet won't come in to their building. They get that.</p> <p>They've also known to figure out to get all their electrical equipment and vulnerable equipment up in the roof and out of the basement.</p> <p>But that's not enough, because just ... It might be just great that no water flows into your building, but if Boston shuts down for two weeks, that's really expensive. What they want to know is how can we keep a city running in a way in which we can have confidence and which we can invest. And they're asking this about Miami and Charleston, South Carolina. All kinds of places.</p> <p>How do we know that this region will continue to be a competitive place to work, uh, and we're often investing 10, 20, 30 years into the future. And that, they're stomped around that, because, uh, very few regions are ... In fact, I don't know of any regions really. are to the point where they can really put together viable, meaningful resilience plans that will basically tell those who want to invest in these communities, &quot;You can stay in business without interruption for 20 years.&quot;</p>

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