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Operation Minerva: Seeing the potential

Women from across disciplines in our Calgary offices participated in AWSN’s program to be role models for Grade 8 girls

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<p>Julie Bunker: Operation Minerva is an opportunity to have young women who are in Grade 8 come into the work place and understand and get to see that you can work in technical fields, and be a woman in these technical fields. We were able to take three of the girls participating in the program out to a site and demonstrate how a project is executed, how much effort and how many different skill sets and disciplines are required to actually put a project together.</p> <p>Sarah Samdani: We were doing this exercise working with our architectural group coming up with the design for an arena and one of the girls came up with this unique idea of having an arena designed like a snowflake. And I was like oh so they are like already making connections not just making connections between the corporate world and the commercial but actually making connections between what they like as individuals and trying to bring it to live.</p> <p>JB: I wanted to participate in Operation Minerva because I see these girls in Grade 8 as the next generation coming into the work force. While we have come a long way from where we were from very male dominated industries from a technical perspective there are still a lot of barriers.</p> <p>SS: I think that it is absolutely critical that our young girls grow up knowing that they can do all of these things and that they can do anything that they put their finger on and I am honored to be a part of an organization and a team that supports that.</p> <p>JB: I think it is very valuable for Stantec to show as a large organization especially as an engineering organization to support and create those opportunities and awareness for the next generation that is coming into the work force.</p> <p>SS: When we all came together after spending the day in different activities and worked on one specific thing it was so thrilling to see like not just the girls, but within ourselves, everybody, from architecture from buildings from community development from oil and gas and power all in one room working on one thing and how all of those different pieces come together it was just amazing. I think it was a mini exercise for us as well to kind of come together the diversity in the organization and how it comes together. The girls were very talented and they put together some great ideas not expected from this age group. They were brilliant.</p>

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