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Playing for keeps

Learn how Stantec turned Whitehorse’s landmark (and tired) Taku Inn, built in the 1950s, into the Yukon’s first LEED certified building.

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<p>Terry Sherman: Basically we bought a building that was built in the 50s. Our desire was to buy it to put the new Coast Mountain store here on main street.</p> <p>It was important to us to go LEED, so we decided to do LEED base building on this building, which put more challenges to it. That was the importance to hire the right engineering team</p> <p>Rod Savoie: we were able to bring a collective team together that covered all aspects of the technical services they were seeking.</p> <p>John berg: They of course wanted to keep the historical looks to a degree of the building, increase the energy efficiency</p> <p>Lee Fleming: we looked at a bunch of different ways to heat and cool this building, with an eye that it would be a high end LEED type building.</p> <p>Sandy Birrell: the tenant, coast mountain, and the owner were evenly matched on their sustainability goals, so it was a natural fit for them to renovate the building and become the first LEED certified building in the Yukon.</p> <p>Rod: It's always nice to be first with anything and in particular when it's something that aligns so well with your own philosophies. We're all proud to be part of it.</p> <p>Lee: This was one of my better projects. It was a headache doing it. And, you know, first, when we were asked if wanted to do the job and we looked at what we had to work with and like, &quot;Oh my god, what are we getting into.&quot; But I think Terry and team did a really good job putting it together</p> <p>Sandy: It sets the standard, I think, for developing other spaces when you know we can do that here then we can do that at the next block over and the next block over</p> <p>Terry: We're pretty proud of the fact that we could take this building that was in really really bad shape for less than 50% of the cost of a new building. Could totally remodel this building to, at the time, was state of the art. Completely renovated</p> <p>John: People are well aware it's a landmark building in Whitehorse. People, the longer they've been here, the more they recognize the Taku building still remains and it's been improved, a huge improvement.</p> <p>Terry: Rod Savoie, Lee Flemming, John Berg. I've been working with them for 20 years. They're a great team, they know the north, they know what we need in the north, so ya I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them on any project.</p>

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