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Spreading safety worldwide

Women@Stantec HSE Lead Muna Ajjawi puts safety first from her base in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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<p>My name is Muna Ajjawi. I'm the regional health and safety lead for the Middle East operations. I'm based in Abu Dhabi office in United Arab Emirates. My passion towards my role is part from the fact that I'm contributing in building a safer, healthier, and environmentally friendly place of work. As industrial [architect 00:00:23] complex and the need for innovative solution is improved, this [inaudible 00:00:27] to then compromise on the safety of our employees, the public, and the environment, as they are our number one asset. That's why I'm always working towards building a positive agency culture in the workplace in order to protect the future of our generation and the next.</p>

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