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When 5 offices become 1: 360º of Impact

What happens when 360 New York City design professionals come together in one landmark location? Stantec announces the consolidation of 5 New York City offices and celebrates 360 degrees of impact.

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<p><b>Arsha Cazazian</b>: ...&nbsp;&nbsp; to me, true innovation requires a collision of ideas, experience, and strength of a community.</p> <p><b>Peter Sposato</b>: Being part of a 360-person entity here in New York City allows everybody working in the same direction with collaboration and the same intent.</p> <p><b>Jim Branch</b>: We're at an intersection of so much demand on engineering and architecture services, and we've responded by growing to meet that demand.</p> <p><b>Arsha</b>: What's incredible about what we've done here is that we've provided a platform where innovation can breathe and grow and we've given, not only our staff, at all levels across all sectors, the opportunity to cross collaborate. But also, to educate our clients and how to work differently, how to think differently, and how to grow their ideas that they never imagined they could actually have. And to help them realize their vision with an infrastructure that is supported by people who work with all types of people under one roof.</p> <p><b>Jim</b>: One of the things that is impressive when we've brought everybody together here is the history of projects that have been accomplished by this group. We've been involved with everything from Yankee Stadium and Grand Central and Times Square and Route 9A along the Hudson River Waterfront, and so many of these iconic places that touch the lives of millions of people that live and work and visit New York City.</p> <p><b>Arsha</b>: New York, given that it's such a dense city, brings together or begs for the need for an interdisciplinary approach.</p> <p><b>Peter</b>: the vision of 360-degree integration is something that has been happening all over the country, and New York City is now ready for it.</p> <p><b>Arsha</b>: It allows us to have any conversation at any level at any time. And, to me, that's probably one of the most valuable things that we can bring to the table and to this market.</p>

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