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Why Whitehorse?

What’s so great about the Yukon? Long-time members of Stantec’s Whitehorse office talk about life in the North, inside and outside work.

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<p>Rod Savoie: When I jumped in I was like most Canadians in that I didn't really know a lot about the territories. Northern Canada was all the same to me. From my vantage point it was this unknown frozen spot on the northern part of the map of the country.</p> <p>Sandy Birrell: I said, &quot;I'll come for two years, that's it,&quot; and yeah, we've not left for 17 years. It's a really amazing community to live in, so, I got hooked, I guess.</p> <p>John Berg: I find the opportunities are, I wouldn’t say boundless, but you have lots of opportunities to increase your role, to take on bigger and bigger projects.</p> <p>Lee Fleming: Down south I have friends that are working in the engineering business and all they do is maybe fire protection, or controls. Maybe they never go to site, maybe they're just doing design and we get to do the full gamut up here.</p> <p>Rod: There's always a new challenge coming at you and a new opportunity to develop your career in a way that you might not otherwise have had.</p> <p>Lee: There's lots of good interesting projects up here. We do lots of schools, lots of municipal and commercial projects, and We're working in the NWT, Nunavut, Yukon, Northern BC.</p> <p>Sandy: Two weeks ago I was traveling through the arctic, basically on the Northwest Passage right up to the ocean and in the Inuit communities. We spent a week chartering from community to community and it was a really fantastic experience to be able to do that.</p> <p>Rod: Maybe what kept me here as well as some others is that outside of work if you have an interest in what the North offers then it's a great place because ... I personally have an interest in a lot of outdoor pursuits, as do many other folks who've chosen to stay here and it's unbeatable. It's quite amazing.</p> <p>Lee: Cross country skiing, downhill skiing, back country skiing. In the summertime do a lot of hiking, rock climbing. We’d charter a plane for a week or two weeks to fly us in to a remote lake of the head of a river, and then we’d go canoeing for two weeks and get picked up.</p> <p>Rod: I guess just due to the fact that the population is thin and there's a general need for people who do what we do in the north. Definitely lots of opportunities, so it's a great place to start and develop a career.</p>

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