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Our work has a lasting ripple effect

Every day, we help communities improve their water efficiency...

Many of the world’s top engineers and scientists have come together in our Water sector because they view a community’s interaction with water a bit differently—as a single holistic system rather than as unconnected networks divided by jurisdictional boundaries. Our team provides a new path towards water sustainability with solutions that allow for the reuse and conservation of this precious resource. Working throughout the hydrologic cycle, we make sure the appropriate quality and quantity of water is where it should be and available when it’s needed. In some ways, advances in technology have made our interaction with water more complex as improved detection limits reveal more pollutants in smaller quantities. But technology applied with expertise allows us to further improve our interaction with water, bring any source to its highest and best use, and improve operating efficiency. It’s intelligent infrastructure creatively applied. Every day, we help communities improve their water efficiency and protect their water resources for future generations.

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Learn from Stantec deputy design director Dan Grandal how we’re helping New Orleans prepare for a more resilient future.

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<p>New Orleans is a very vulnerable city, it’s got the Gulf on one side, the Mississippi runs through it, and you have Lake Pontchartrain, one of the largest lakes in the US, right behind it. New Orleans has a history of flooding, and every time they’ve come back, they’ve built a safer, stronger system.</p> <p>This project is huge. It’s one of the largest pump stations in the world. It’s currently $615 million budget to build three separate sites at the end of each of the drainage canals to Lake Pontchartrain.</p> <p>Stantec performed geotech, structural, electrical, mechanical design, civil design, hydraulic design... We were basically taking care of the entire project. There was over 450 staff from 55 different offices that converged on this project to make it happen.</p> <p>As far as the pump station itself, we have built a lot of resiliency and redundant design into the systems. The generator facilities that we have for these stations basically gives you enough power to power a small city. So in case the whole city gets flooded, this pump station will still be operational and be able to evacuate the water quicker and help New Orleans bounce back quicker.</p> <p>The most rewarding part of the project has been helping out the community. I went to Tulane University and lived in New Orleans for four years in the 90s and really got a connection to the community, the music, the food. New Orleans has a certain draw to it that really pulls you in. More than professionally working on a project, just being able to just help out; when I tell people what I do, a lot of times they’re just like “thank you, thank you for coming and helping us.”</p>

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