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Keeping the culture alive in Australia

December 08, 2021

The annual 250 km Stantec Perth to Busselton Bike Ride celebrates its 15th anniversary in Western Australia

Stantec maintained its yearly ritual with the Perth to Busselton Bike Ride in November, marking the 15th anniversary since the ride began. This legacy started after a group of staff completed the Great Bike Ride in 2006. After experiencing the comradery, the group decided that they’d do it again, only this time challenging themselves even further by riding from the Stantec Perth office to the Busselton office. A group of seven riders set off in 2007, embarking on the incredible journey and seeing it evolve to what it is today.

This year saw twenty participants including staff, clients, family members and friends taking on the 250 km journey down south. Departing Perth early Friday morning, the peloton reached their destination 11.5 hours later, averaging an impressive 29.7 kmph.  The ride saw only one puncture and chain drop with five short pit stops for refreshments and restroom breaks.

As an integral part of Stantec's culture, this event further strengthens our legacy, uniting staff from recent acquisitions participating in the ride. Although intended to be a journey and not a race, a long-haul tradition sees the last 3km tour become a sprint finish beside the Busselton foreshore. Often referred to in the organisation as the world-famous Stantec Champs-Élysées, this year's podium win was a family member, Scott Tulk, who has been involved on and off in the ride for the last ten years. When asked about the day's highlights, Scott says the companionship from both riders and the support crew makes the day enjoyable. ‘It's great to see the camaraderie, organisation, and logistics that go into this day from the support crew and staff,’ says Scott.

Will he be back to maintain his winning podium?

‘Yes! I love being part of the experience with all the Stantec crew. It's a deep sense of achievement when you all arrive safe and to see how exhilarated everyone is when they finish,’ says Scott.

Continuing the tradition is important to our Stantec team, not only because it raises awareness and supports charities that are near and dear to our hearts, but because it helps our communities. 

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