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Infrastructure and Place

November 07, 2022

Current View

Stantec’s Will Fooks participates in a discussion with Roads Australia about the complex relationship between infrastructure and place

Transport infrastructure links us to the places we live, work and play, but the relationship between infrastructure and place is a lot more complex than simply connecting up locations. Place is an essential consideration in the planning, design, construction and operation of transport infrastructure and enables the delivery of government policy outcomes and helps projects meet community expectations. While there is enthusiasm amongst industry to incorporate placemaking principles in day-today operations, there is still some uncertainty around how to do it.

Read the full piece to hear Stantec’s Will Fooks discuss with industry experts the intricate relationship between infrastructure and place, how it can be applied strategically and the value that can be achieved through incorporating indigenous knowledge in the design and planning of places. 

  • Will Fooks

    Will is a transport and city planner with international experience across the public and private sectors. He has in-depth understanding of international best practice, city design, transport systems, and how to make change happen.

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