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ChatGPT fuelling data centre boom

May 16, 2023

By Nicholas Blay

Stantec’s Nicholas Blay speaks with the Property Council of Australia about how AI technologies like ChatGPT are fueling the need for data centers across Australia

Companies are now prioritising AI as a critical factor for business expansion. To cope with the mounting demand, the creation of new data centres will need to speed up. 

Nicholas Blay forecasts a huge growth in the data centre space like nothing we’ve seen before. This new cloud-based technology requires more power and therefore more servers to store and run the applications with their gathered information.

Looking back to 10-15 years ago, a data centre might use one megawatt (MW) – 1,000,000 watts – and now the industry is looking to 150-250 megawatt facilities, according to Mr Blay.

Read the full article at Property Council of Australia.

  • Nicholas Blay

    Nicholas leads the design, construction, and commissioning of technical services on data centre and critical infrastructure upgrades. He finds elegant solutions to technical electrical problems for financial, banking, and data centre clients.

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