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Four ways mineral processing can become more sustainable

July 13, 2023

Stephen Beamond and Marius Phillips chat to Engineers Australia about how mining companies can be more sustainable in their approach to mineral processing

As Australia transitions towards a net zero future, there’s increasing pressure on the mining industry to move towards sustainable methods of mineral processing. Stantec’s solutions provide a viable way forward.

There’s a commonly held perception in the community that Australia’s reliance on mining is holding us back from transitioning towards a clean energy future.

But mining needs to form part of the solution going forward, says Marius Phillips, Senior Principal Consultant Minerals Processing at Stantec.

“To meet a lot of the targets for various metals – for example, demand for copper is set to double by 2035 – the mining industry will inevitably need to be part of the solution.”

Stantec’s solutions play a critical role in helping companies move towards more sustainable methods of processing minerals. This can be achieved in four primary ways: energy optimisation, reducing water consumption, reprocessing waste materials, and transitioning to alternative sources of energy.

Read the full article at Engineers Australia Create Digital.

  • Stephen Beamond

    As business leader, Stephen focuses on developing his team in Queensland and specialises in minerals processing, materials handling, oil and gas, supporting infrastructure, and power generation.

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  • Marius Phillips

    Marius is a senior minerals and metals process engineer who helps clients in mining and metals processing achieve greater efficiency and sustainability delivering the precious metals many industries rely upon.

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