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Disaster Recovery and Resilience: A case study on Marlborough, New Zealand

April 29, 2024

By Kyle Barrie and Yadi Wang

In this EDA journal case study, Kyle Barrie and Yadi Wang explore Marlborough’s community-oriented approach to building infrastructure network resilience

Changing climate is impacting us all. Climate change increases the variability of weather, and extreme weather events pose great challenges to transport infrastructure that are designed for and operate within a particular climate range. Transport networks can be enormously impacted by floods, geohazards, high winds, and other natural hazards, resulting in far-reaching effects on local economies and community wellbeing. Proactively and reactively planning for the impacts of climate change and severe weather disasters on the road network has become a policy focus of transport agencies at all levels, trying to build in resilience throughout transport infrastructure and the broader community.

Read the full case study in the Economic Development Australia (EDA) journal

  • Kyle Barrie

    Kyle is determined to help our clients understand the drivers of inclusive economic growth and the synergies between a circular economy and our built environment.

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  • Yadi Wang

    Yadi is an experienced applied economist, specialising in benefit-cost analysis, transport economics, integrated transport planning and land use, and infrastructure project impact assessments.

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