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Making the right digital investments to achieve a zero-cost future

September 27, 2023

Alana Duncker from Stantec, discusses SA's water journey and renewable integration on the Australian Water Association’s podcast

In a conversation with host Jo Taranto, Alana Duncker, digital services market leader at Stantec discusses her secondment to SA Water and the development of a digital tool aimed at reducing operating costs. She emphasizes the significance of leveraging renewable energy behind the meter to enhance overall efficiency.

To address this, SA Water developed a dashboard tool displaying prices, forecasts, water demand, storage levels, pump availability, and more. Tailored for SA Water employees, the tool assists the control center in making informed decisions that save time, money, and energy.

Listen to the Australia Water Association podcast.

  • Alana Duncker

    Alana’s expertise in modelling, optimisation, and decision support tools includes live hydraulic modelling, water demand forecasting tools, analytics, and dashboard reporting tools.

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