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Smart(ER) Mobility

Smart Mobility for the Future

Imagine all the ways you can get from here to there. You could be in a car, on a bus, train, or bike, on foot or on a rented e-scooter. Your choices are expanding, mobility is getting smarter every day, and it’s changing the way we see the urban landscape. 

As work and lifestyles change due to technology, demographics, and the impacts of climate change, clients want an adaptable approach that prioritises equity and resilience in every transport decision. We can support more inclusive, sustainable, and efficient decision-making to harness the power of disruption. This is what drives Stantec’s focus on not just smart mobility, but Smart(ER) Mobility.

Mobility is an equaliser for communities. By recognising that mobility is not about vehicles but about people, and by leveraging emerging technologies, we can confront the challenges we’re facing, and invest in future-ready, resilient infrastructure. 

To be Smart(ER), we must think about community benefits and create infrastructure supporting a multi-modal mobility ecosystem providing access to jobs, services, and education to build equitable and resilient communities that leave no one in the rear-view mirror.

The future is electric

Electric Vehicles (EV) are an integral component of the smart mobility ecosystem that is poised to have an increasingly positive effect on climate change. The electrification of transport will bring fundamental changes to our society, including how we design our roads, power grids, commercial buildings, and even our parking lots. But the most impactful change will be to our behaviours around personal travel.

Stantec GenerationAV™

There are many paths to automation. Stantec GenerationAV™ is made up of highly specialised autonomous vehicle (AV) experts within our Smart Mobility team and aims to safely accelerate that journey. GenerationAV™ develops and deploys customisable tools and technology to advance automated mobility systems, bringing together our experts with best-in-class industry partners to help clients deploy AVs safely, for the good of our communities.

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