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Isaac Regional Planning Scheme and Storm Tide Study

Expertise in environmental impacts can improve planning and preparedness for coastal communities

  • Isaac Region, Queensland

    Isaac Region, Queensland

How can we lessen the impact of cyclones and storm tides? By knowing more about their impacts and planning ahead.

Cyclones are some of the most powerful forces on the planet. They can severely damage infrastructure and dramatically impact landforms. In addition to wind and rain, cyclones create storm tides that can travel kilometres inland from the shore. While we can’t stop cyclones, we can better understand their potential impacts and plan for them.

Our team was commissioned by Isaac Regional Council of Queensland, Australia, to undertake a coastal hazard and storm tide study. We provided a range of coastal management services to the project, which aimed to identify the areas that are exposed to storm tide inundation, the scale of their exposure, and the risk to vulnerable infrastructure along the coastline, to help inform the development of the Isaac Regional Planning Scheme.

With the possibility of more cyclones and higher sea levels due to climate change, studies like this are more important than ever. The central coast of Queensland is one of the most cyclone-prone regions in Australia. It is regularly affected by cyclones, which not only cause damage to manmade infrastructure in the towns that call this part of Australia home, but also the natural environment which is unique and so important to the region.

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