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Air Quality & Odour Management

Keeping your community’s air free from odour

It’s hard to manage something you can’t see but growing public awareness of the health benefits of cleaner air and increasing pressure on treatment facilities, plants, and landfills to reduce odour has drawn attention to these issues. Understanding atmospheric emissions is important to meeting regulatory requirements, anticipating future requirements, and identifying the potential for ecological and human health risks. We’re here to help you resolve your air quality issues. 

At Stantec, we design with community in mind, so we strive to find better options to keep bad smells at bay and improve air quality for our communities. Our services span ambient air quality, odour, indoor air quality, and atmospheric pollutants including particulate and gaseous contaminants. 

We have industry-leading expertise here in Australia to help our water clients achieve compliance. Our water team are experts in managing air quality and odours associated with wastewater treatment plants. We can provide comprehensive monitoring and modelling as well as advisory services, and mitigation measures that support construction and operation. 

How will Australian Workplace Exposure Limit changes affect our water industry?

Hear our Australian odour control and air quality experts discuss the latest changes, information, and ideas around Workplace Australia’s latest review of airborne contaminants, and what this means for our water networks. Read More

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