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Coastal Engineering

Protecting Australia’s coastlines from climate change and natural hazards

Coastal environments can experience powerful natural forces—but our teams have the range of skillsets and the experience to understand the complexities that arise on coastal projects. We can provide you with fully integrated and high-quality services for the protection, enhancement, and development of assets in coastal and marine environments.

Our network of city-based and regional offices across Australia has built a wealth of local coastal expertise, and our people are familiar with all legislative frameworks. Our work includes coastal processes assessments, numerical modelling (winds, waves, currents, tides, sediment transport, and water quality), metocean data collection and analysis, coastal geomorphology studies, coastal hazard and vulnerability assessments, and detailed design for soft and hard coastal protection works.

By properly understanding and assessing coastal environments and utilising the latest technology and industry best practices, our team can help you minimise the risk of impacts, design durable coastal assets, and create useable and sustainable coastlines.

Using numerical modelling to assist infrastructure developments

Our team has been at the forefront of hydrodynamic modelling and the application of numerical techniques. We routinely undertake investigations that require customised model systems to simulate complex phenomena. Modelling services are utilised by a variety of clients from renewable energy start-ups and local governments through to large mining and oil and gas clients. If you need infrastructure development or hazard and risk assessments in the coastal and marine environment, our numerical modelling services can help. Read More

Collecting accurate, high-quality metocean data using the latest technology

Our team maintains an in-house inventory of instruments to measure currents, waves, water levels, meteorological parameters, water quality, and coastal change. We provide dedicated data collection campaigns for coastal investigations and infrastructure design, establish real-time metocean and water quality monitoring systems to inform ongoing operations, and implement long-term coastal monitoring programs to understand climate change effects. We also support our marine scientists with key data for ecological assessments. Read More

Designing coastal infrastructure for protection, access, and amenity

Our coastal engineers design critical infrastructure where land and sea meet, a constantly changing landscape which needs to withstand a range of extreme natural forces. Our work includes the design of soft protection, such as beach nourishment, and hard protection, such as groynes, seawalls, and breakwaters. We also help design access infrastructure ranging from reinforced stairs and ramps to entire marina facilities. Read More

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