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  • Deakin University Travel and Transport Strategy

Consultation & Engagement

Managing change and engaging stakeholders

Everyone in a community is impacted by changes to transport networks, no matter how big or small. By being involved from the conceptual stage, we raise awareness and understanding of a project’s impact, define and manage expectations, and build trusting relationships with all project stakeholders. 

At Stantec, we use a combination of traditional and new methods of engagement—from public meetings, focus groups, and open houses, to web surveys and social media. We employ and partner with a diverse network of consultation and engagement experts who help develop and implement targeted communication, outreach, and advocacy strategies tailored to different stakeholders and projects. 

Our approach to engagement is integrated—we’re committed to ensuring communication and policy strategies are closely coordinated and support the technical elements of the project.

Giving a voice to those affected by change

Our public participation specialists work with our clients to develop and implement communication and consultation plans that give voice to those who are directly affected by a project. When a new development is planned, the community wants to know how it will impact traffic, the environment, and their daily lives. During the public participation process, we ensure views and concerns are expressed to inform decision-making and build consensus.

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