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Energy Services Engineering

Switching on to smart energy options

An energy revolution is underway as sources of energy and distribution networks change. We have decades of experience helping clients make mission critical decisions on how to provide adequate, reliable, and cost-effective energy for their operations.  
We’re passionate about creating, harnessing, and enjoying energy in an economical and sustainable fashion. Whether you’re using power from the grid, putting power into the grid, or going off the grid, our consultants are here to guide your decision-making.

Powering our future

Renewable energy sources like wind, solar, hydropower and pumped storage will take centre stage in the energy transition. See how we’re giving power to our communities.

Let our specialists lead the way

Securing efficient and sustainable energy supplies at a reasonable price is a key challenge facing our industry. Our whole-of-life approach delivers professional technical services across all aspects of power generation and delivery. Read More

Energy audit your assets

Everyone knows that reducing energy leads to cost savings, but knowing where to start can be tricky. Let us help by completing an energy audit by inspecting and analysing energy flows in your design to conserve and reduce output. By identifying your total use, we can help ensure your usage is lowered without jeopordising the overall amount output—reducing your expenditure. Read More

Energy transition and the net zero pathway

At Stantec we combine our process engineering and Sustainable Mining by DesignTM capabilities to decarbonise your assets, so they run cleaner and more efficiently. We have the knowledge to help you lessen your energy demand in operations and throughout your supply chain, by moving forward with electrification of infrastructure. By combining power generation expertise with smart grid experience, we create lasting value. Read More

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