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Marine Science & Aquaculture

Securing food for future generations

Aquaculture can be an environmentally efficient food production system, making estuary and ocean health vitally important, especially for surrounding communities. That’s why minimizing the footprint of coastal infrastructure projects and offsetting potential impacts is at the core of what we do here at Stantec. 

As world populations grow and the demand for food follows, sustainable aquaculture is being positioned as a solution for food shortages. And with wild fish stocks being fished near capacity, aquaculture has become a highly-efficient and well-regarded form of agriculture. Because of that, protecting our water has never been more important. Blue food producers need to assess, monitor, and protect aquatic environments so fish can have the clean water they need. 

Creating a sustainable future is something we care deeply about. Using scientific methods, research, and technology, we can help with your operation. Our experts use multiple robust methods and technologies to achieve environmental approvals, from remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) to remote sensing technology. Together, we can help forge a more resilient future for our watery planet. 

Fish for thought

Australia’s coastal ecosystems have some of the highest species’ diversity in the world. Rich with abundant life, it’s an opportunity to increase world food supply with responsible fishing practices. From assessments and permitting to restoration, monitoring, and more, our teams apply their expertise to help protect the integrity of our marine environment. We help keep communities healthy—and fed.

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