• Victoria Level Crossing Removal Program
  • Vicinity Solar Energy Program
  • IPWEA Condition Assessment and Asset Performance Guideline

Program Consulting

All in a day’s work

We all know the scenario, a well thought out project begins, and everything runs smoothly—until it doesn’t. There may be schedule delays, escalating costs, and the project starts becoming a moving target—sound familiar? When you need a business, technical and project manager all rolled into one team, we can help. We seamlessly integrate the required range of services to help our clients achieve their objectives and deliver project outcomes—It’s all in a day’s work for us. 
Fast-tracking the delivery of infrastructure or service improvements, within tight timeframes and budgets, comes with a host of complex challenges. We can help you balance, project sequencing, prioritisation, stakeholder engagement and effective performance monitoring through portfolio management, PMO Planning, program controls, project support services, and program systems and tools. We’ll help you connect any problem to a solution and move your projects forward. 

Do you need a program consult?

Whether you need to upgrade and expand your water infrastructure and facilities, revitalise or repurpose buildings renovate an airport, or remediate an industrial site, Stantec has the expertise, a proven track record, and the latest tools to help. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach, ensuring efficient delivery of large programs. We see clients, contractors and communities all as valuable contributors to projects that support sustainable opportunity—it’s all in a days’ work for us.

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