Traffic Engineering

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Safer, smarter mobility options

The goal of traffic engineering is to keep people and goods moving safely and efficiently. To do this, we make the most of developing technologies while understanding the importance of reusing, repurposing, and retooling existing infrastructure to mitigate traffic impacts. 

We evaluate the impact of future growth in communities and predicted changes in demand on our roads and assess levels of service due to these changes. As a result, we can provide people with better and smarter mobility options.

From new developments to existing infrastructure, our goal is to address traffic issues and improve mobility, ensuring that infrastructure is safe, accessible, and serves the needs of its community. 

Improving traffic performance

Using turnkey traffic modelling software, our team analyses and designs roadway geometric and traffic signal operation improvements. The goal? To improve access management and operational levels of service, as well as maintain traffic flow.

Creating a path forward for communities

Through public participation workshops and websites, we share our overall vision, concept plans, and animated simulations, and foster discussion with the public to make sure we’re finding the best solution for all involved. This allows us to facilitate cost-effective traffic operational improvements that benefit the community.

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