Corporate Sustainability

Sustainability is key to our purpose, promise, and values

We envision a world where infrastructure gives back, water is protected, natural systems are valued, biodiversity is prioritized, economies are circular, nothing gets wasted, development is responsible, everyone can access renewable energy, and society is just.

Sustainability Report

Stantec’s annual GRI-, SASB-, and TCFD-compliant Sustainability Report summarizes our progress against sustainability commitments, as well as our support of the United Nations Global Compact, Sustainable Development Goals, and the Women’s Empowerment Principles. 2022 Sustainability Report

Climate solutions

We recognize that to fulfil our promise to design with community in mind, we need to consider climate change in our project work. Our focus as design and consulting professionals is to help our clients see their projects through a climate lens—and then act on what they find. No matter your level of climate action maturity, our diverse services will help you adapt—and achieve your mitigation goals.
We are recognized for our sustainability leadership
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Stantec becomes a UN Decade partner

The United Nations (UN) believes it’s time to prioritize ecosystem restoration. With the world’s population growing, we have to provide more food, energy, and clean water to more people. This trend, combined with climate change and biodiversity loss, is driving the critical need for this work—which is why we’re partnering with the UN for the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030). Like the UN, we believe healthy ecosystems enhance people’s livelihoods, counteract climate change, and stop the collapse of biodiversity. Read More

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