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Donna Walcavage

Principal, Landscape Architect

Photo of Donna

Over four decades, Donna has led key initiatives that have had a lasting impact on the social and physical fabric of New York City. Her belief that designing truly resilient cities requires a broad, landscape-scale vision is evident in all her projects, whether a streetscape, urban waterfront redevelopment, public open space, bikeway or pedestrian facility. In addition, she thoroughly understands how cities work, including the design of essential infrastructure and the creation of social connections that encourage communities to come together – both essential in recovering from disasters.

Donna’s commitment to high quality, resilient, sustainable design is matched only by her passion for collaboration. She believes that public work demands public input, and that drives her dedication to assuring that community groups and public agencies play a critical role in her projects. Further, she has advanced the quality of public spaces by collaborating with artists to make art an integral component of Stantec’s projects. 

Booker T. Washington Houses in Jersey City exemplifies this philosophy. There, our integrated team created a plan that diverts roof drainage out of the combined sewer system into a constructed bioswales system to reduce sewer back-ups and flooding, which occur almost every time it rains. The collaboration of engineering expertise and urban design resulted in a landscape architectural solution that included physical resiliency and created outdoor open spaces to build community bonds and social resiliency.

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