Strengthening the bonds between people

When we say community, we don’t just mean the neighborhoods people call home. We mean everyone with a stake in the work that we do, from our Stantec and industry colleagues, to the clients we collaborate with, to the people and places we impact.

At Stantec, we design with community in mind. But what does that mean? To us, it means meaningful projects. It means celebrating the relationships that form when transportation solutions connect our populations. It means designing infrastructure to double as public spaces. It means protecting natural environments for families to enjoy.

We support community when we design an airport terminal with wide-open views so passengers can wave at pilots, and we support community when we make sure that a mine or dam benefits the environment or local communities instead of encroaching upon them.

From water treatment to oil and gas integrity, from power distribution to commercial and residential mixed-use development, from education facilities to healthcare facilities and more, we design to bring people together.

In creating, sustaining, or revitalizing communities, we help diverse cultures and perspectives work together toward shared success. Although our work helps create physical communities, our ultimate goal is to create something far more meaningful—a sense of community.

Design with Community in Mind

At Stantec, we envision, create, connect, and support communities. Communities are fundamental, they provide a sense of place and belonging. That’s why we always design with community in mind.

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