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Celebrate Edmonton – Winter cities attract more than just ice and snow

On March 13 an exciting event crashed into Edmonton, bringing with it something Canadian cities know all too well: Ice!


Red Bull Crashed Ice took place in the heart of Edmonton and the River Valley attracting 70,000 spectators. The 415-meter-long track including a 45-meter vertical drop had 64 international skaters battle downhill to the finish line.

Amongst the crowd of cheering fans and supporters, were a few of Edmonton’s largest companies, who work together to bring exciting events like Crashed Ice to Edmonton through an evolving grassroots initiative called Celebrate Edmonton. Stantec joins ATB Financial, Canadian Western Bank, Capital Power Corporation, Clark Builders, Enbridge, EPCOR, Katz Group and PCL Companies in the coalition, which is working to engage their work forces and provide employees with a platform to express pride in their city.

As with many cold-weather cities, when Edmontonians travel abroad to warmer climates, the classic joke told is they are escaping from the treacherous cold and icy grip of winter. When said one too many times, however, even Edmontonians start to believe it and it builds the reputation that winter cities are cold, dark, and buried in snow. But we’re doing our part to dispel those negative perceptions.

Our designers at Stantec are strong proponents of using winter as an asset to our communities, instead of viewing it as a liability, or an unpleasant time of year to simply tolerate. We’re excited to be a part of proving that winter cities are wonderful places to live and work. Supporting events like Red Bull Crashed Ice, demonstrates that winter can bring fun, excitement, and community pride to winter cities. 

Stantec's Keith Shillington, Senior Vice President, Canada Prairies and Glenn Stowkowy, Vice President

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