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Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion at the ERIEC Awards

Stantec receives recognition for our mentorship efforts and the contribution we are making to diversity and inclusion in our region


If you ask Dhaval Desai, from Edmonton’s Oil and Gas group, what it means to be a mentor with the Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council (ERIEC), he will probably tell you about the satisfaction he receives from being helpful and encouraging others to succeed. He might also tell you how important it is to eliminate the pre-conceived notion that immigrants cannot compete against Canadian candidates for potential jobs. He may let you know that giving back is the best way to pay back the community. So it was fitting that Dhaval was asked to speak at the annual ERIEC awards this fall to share how we are better together through mentorship.

On October 4, Stantec received recognition for our mentorship efforts and the contribution we are making to diversity and inclusion in our region. Stantec's goal as an employer is to recruit, motivate, and develop our employees with diverse ranges of talents and perspectives to ensure that we have the breadth of viewpoints, experiences, and intellectual skills needed to succeed across our global environment. It is fitting then that Stantec would work so closely with ERIEC. Over the past five years, over 30 employees have volunteered as mentors in the Career Mentoring Program and over 60 employees have engaged in other networking groups. In 2015, Stantec became a formal partner, committing to providing 10 mentors per year—a goal we have surpassed, delivering 15 mentors.

“Earlier, when I was new to Canada, other mentors helped me a lot, which made a big difference in my life,” says Dhaval. Now his mentorship experience has come full circle. He was presented with a 7-Star Award for the seven successful mentorships he has completed during his time in the program. Dhaval is currently mentoring three mentees, helping them develop networking skills, a strong online profile, top notch resumes and cover letters, and providing opportunities to build confidence so that each mentee knows they have everything it takes to be successful in the job search.

Since 2008, ERIEC, a business-led, not-for-profit organization, matches skilled immigrants with local employers to create real-life connections, networks, and experiences through mentorship. With ERIEC, immigrants are welcomed and given the chance to participate in the economy at the level of their full potential. Our partnership with ERIEC is a clear fit as ERIEC’s vision to help immigrants achieve their workplace goals aligns with the vision and goals of Stantec Edmonton’s Diversion and Inclusion program.

“Seeing top management of Stantec so engaged and giving back so much to the community helps to keep up the momentum and strong belief in mentorship going, which helps to be an effective mentor.” (Dhaval)

Pravesh Bhagwandass, Dhaval Desai, and Ricardo Carlos 

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