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Constructing diversity

Congratulating the next generation of Stantec scholarship recipients at the UNC Charlotte School of Architecture


How do you guarantee the next generation will make a lasting impact on the community? For us, you create the Stantec Diversity Scholarship in Practice. The UNC Charlotte School of Architecture (SoA) and Stantec have joined forces to establish the Stantec Diversity Scholarship in Practice. Launched in 2015, Scholarships in Practice are combined scholarship/internship programs created in partnership with local architecture firms, supporting students in the SoA Master of Urban Design. With a three-year commitment, the Stantec Scholarship in Practice will provide one student each year with $5,000 in tuition support and a $10,000 paid internship, the fourth program of its kind.

The Scholarhsip’s focus? Diversifying the urban design profession.

As the first recipient of the Stantec Diversity Scholarship in Practice, Bria’s passion is to make a difference in society through her work. A dual Master of Architecture/Master of Urban Design student, she will have the opportunity to develop effective skills relevant to the industry and gain valuable experience with one of the top design firms in the country. “I love knowing what I do will have a lasting impact…” Not only will Bria’s work have a lasting influence on her direct community, but her designs will impact the urban landscape for years to come.

Stantec believes that diversity strengthens our universities, our Company, and our communities. “Over the course of this unique fellowship, the interns that contribute their skills and perspectives to the Charlotte office will add valuable insight to a number of key local projects, including the culturally important Brooklyn Village redevelopment.” (Bob Gomes, Stantec CEO)

The mission of the School of Architecture is to provide intellectual, ethical, and innovative leadership in architecture and urban design through excellence in teaching, scholarly research, creative architectural practice, and community activism. Offering undergraduate degrees (Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and Bachelor of Architecture) and graduate degrees (Master of Architecture, Master of Urban Design, and dual degree options, including Architecture + Computer Science/Information Technology), the SoA is recognized for the excellence of both the faculty and students. It maintains accredited status through the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB).

“I am so thankful that Stantec has chosen to support the School of Architecture's strategic mission of diversifying our student body through the development of the Stantec Diversity Scholarship in Practice program,” says SoA Director Chris Jarrett. “Craig Lewis of the Urban Places Group at Stantec has been highly supportive of our Master of Urban Design program through guest lectures, consultancy on design competitions, and as a regular design critic. This new scholarship will have high impact on our ability to recruit top students from diverse backgrounds to UNC Charlotte.”

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