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Creating communities is about connecting people who share a common goal

Rochelle Brown shares her volunteer story


Rochelle Brown is dedicated—from organizing the office toy drive for the Salvation Army to volunteering at Rocmaura, a local nursing home; from helping the Saint John Board of Trade to offering support at the Dartmouth General Hospital. Volunteering is part of who Rochelle is.

Rochelle, the team lead for Stantec’s Geotechnical group in Saint John, New Brunswick, is an active member of many communities. “My communities are the people who surround me,” Rochelle says. “I have the community of people I work with, who have also become my community of friends, and I have the community of people I volunteer with. I connect with people who share a common goal.”

For Rochelle, working with a company that promises to design with community in mind is the perfect fit. “I think it’s fantastic that Stantec has this outlook on community,” Rochelle says. “For Stantec in the Community Day in 2013, our team went to the local food bank and served lunch. People came back with a changed attitude after helping their community. All of us who work at Stantec are very fortunate.”

Rochelle, and her dog, Livingston.

Rochelle adopted Livingston from the Animal Rescue League.

Do what you can with what you have, but keep in mind that it's not just what you get out of the work; it's the fun you have along the way.

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