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Dollars for Doers: Jeff Buckley’s story

Giving back to the communities that take care of us when we need it most


We care about our employees –we care about their families, and we care about the communities they live in. That’s why, with our Dollars for Doers program (where we donate $500 to any charity for 25 hours volunteered), we encourage our staff take part in initiatives that improve the world around them. For Jeff Buckley, the importance of volunteering hit home when his wife was first diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2011.

The Bury Cancer Support Centre is an independent charity in Greater Manchester, England, that offers clients unlimited, individualized, and free support to cancer patients throughout the journey of their treatment. After her diagnosis, Jeff’s wife began coming to the facility to help navigate herself and her family through the pain and fear that cancer brings. In her recovery, Jeff and his wife became very active members of the Bury Cancer Support Centre fundraising team, volunteering on evenings and weekends and doing everything they could to provide others with the same opportunity and support they were given.

The annual running cost of the support facility is more than £120,000.00 per year, all of which is raised through fundraising and donations. This May, they launched the “Fill the Hill” yearlong campaign, hosting a different event each month to raise money and generate awareness about the work they do. Bringing together families and local businesses, the kickoff event (a balloon launch!) was attended by over 150 people.

As Jeff puts it, “Knowing that an organization like Bury Cancer Support Centre is always with you during and after the cancer journey helps with the coping and return to a life that was previously almost lost.

Anybody can be involved in building a better world – be it fundraising, showing love and protection, painting the fence or tending the garden. The world is there to be made better.”

The Let's Go Fly a Kite Event held on 12th July 2015 on Holcolme Hill (Peel Monument) in the Village

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