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Finding true love

Like most high schools kids, Jason Miller didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do with his life as he headed into college. After some trial and error, he eventually found his true love – landscape architecture.

So as part of April’s Landscape Architecture Month, Jay wanted to share his love of the profession with students like him, bringing some awareness to a career path they may have never considered. He shared his love of the job with students at Pelham High School in New Hampshire, not only telling them a little about what it’s like to be a landscape architect, but also letting them give it a try.

Jay had the students design their own parks, making decisions about what features to include and why. The project gave them a flavor for the job while reinforcing a lot of the skills and subjects they study in school, from math, to biology, to art. 

Finding True Love

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<p><b>Jaclyn</b> (student): I’ve only heard of architecture as in houses, and I had no idea that there was landscape architects, so I thought that was pretty cool.</p> <p><b>Jason Miller</b> (Stantec): My name is Jason Miller. I’m at Pelham high school in Pelham, New Hampshire for landscape architecture month. We are here to bring awareness to the profession. I work for a company called Stantec Consulting, and we’re going to do a little park charrette. If you all could break up into 8 or so people and then send a leader up and then we’ll get started .</p> <p><b>Jason</b>: They’re coming to you, they want ideas, they want fresh ideas.</p> <p><b>Unidentified student</b>: We can draw on this?</p> <p><b>Jason</b>: Ya, go for it, you can draw on this all you want.</p> <p><b>Jaclyn</b>: He let us all sketch our own landscapes, and our own parks, and see like what the differences were.</p> <p><b>Cathleen Miller</b> (teacher): It uses the math, it uses biology, art—it ties in actually almost any of the curriculum here in the building.</p> <p><b>Zach</b> (student): Designing the park was really fun, it really showed how people can come together and say “OK, this would look good here, this would look good there.” It’s a challenge to not only say we have all these pieces, let’s put them together so it’s not only a lot of fun but it’s also aesthetically pleasing. And it’s a fun challenge and I really enjoyed that aspect of it.</p> <p><b>Cathleen</b>: I think it’s very important for the students to understand that what we’re teaching them does not exist in a vacuum, that it has real world applications.</p> <p><b>Jason</b>: My goal today is just to bring awareness to the kids to understand that there is another profession out there. I wound up going to a couple of junior colleges and other universities before I found that landscape architecture was really my true love.</p>
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