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Stantec Fredericton – Habitat for Humanity baby barn build


On June 15th, the Stantec Fredericton “Master Builder’s” team participated in the first annual “Build a Baby Barn” build-off in support of the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity.

The event got off to an early start with a Team building breakfast at a local restaurant.  Once fortified, the team moved to the barn building area located in the parking lot of a local building supply store who was hosting the event.  Baby Barn Kit in hand, the team started the build along with three other teams participating in the event.  Team Stantec got off to a bit of a slow start due to much discussion about the lack of stamped “Approved for Construction” drawings.  A quick call to the local engineering association resolved the problem and we were cleared of any potential professional liability issues. 

However, the old saying “Many hands make light work” did not apply in this build case.  More like “Many hands leads to many discussions” about which piece goes first and where!  Just picture a bunch of engineers on Christmas morning trying to assemble a new toy with no instructions……not a pretty sight!

All kidding aside, the barn went together pretty well and great fun was had by all.  A few sore muscles and a few scratches but all for a great cause. 

Together, Team Stantec raised $584 for Habitat for Humanity.  In fact, the Stantec Baby Barn was the first barn to be sold that day.  The team is already looking forward to next year’s build.  This time will bring the power tools! 

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