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Assessing Safety in High River

The flood of June 2013 forced the evacuation of the entire town of High River. More than 13,000 people left their homes to the mercy of the rising Highwood River. Many would lose everything.

Before the difficult task of rebuilding hundreds of homes could begin, owners first needed an assessment to make sure it was safe. The need was overwhelming and Alberta Municipal Affairs put out an emergency call for engineers. A call answered by Pang Ng in Calgary. He gathered a team of structural engineers, senior technologists, and hygienists from offices across Canada to assess the structural integrity of homes as well perform health inspections. Early in the project, Pang and his team were on call 24/7 to provide assessments and inspections with Alberta Health Services, the Emergency Operations Centre, the Town of High River, and many other contractors.

In addition to the initial assessments, we provided structural assessments on repairs made by contractors to ensure they were safe as well. “We really focused on performing these services in a professional manner to help homeowners recover from a devastating experience and allow them to return to their homes as soon as possible,” says Pang.

In the end, the team helped 561 homeowners take the first steps in rebuilding their lives in High River.

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