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Flood Mitigation in Medicine Hat

After seeing the path of devastation left by the flood in Calgary and High River, further downstream the City of Medicine Hat scrambled to prepare for the worst. The Canadian Forces mobilized to build sandbag barriers to keep the South Saskatchewan River at bay.  It wasn’t enough. Approximately 1,000 homes were submerged, and 10,000 residents evacuated to higher ground. The City couldn’t let that happen again.

In the months following the flood, they contracted Stantec to do prevention planning, back flow prevention, and to design dyke systems to withstand future floods. Led by Mike Van Doorn in our Lethbridge office, the massive project will span the next three years, requiring the expertise of a team that draws from all our offices in southern Alberta, as well as specialists throughout the U.S.

Many of the preventative measures need private land to make them effective, so our team is working with residents to find the best solutions to protect them, their neighbours, wildlife habitat and city infrastructure  in the years to come.

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