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Food for Flood Victims

During the days after the flood, Calgarians everywhere were looking for ways to help. Stantec employees were no exception. For many, this meant volunteering to help clean and restore the city. However, there was also a pressing need to feed victims of the flood who had lost everything. Approximately 75,000 people evacuated their homes, and many would return to spoiled or contaminated food. The Calgary Inter-faith Food Bank took on the task of not only supporting their regular clients, but those affected by the flood as well. The call for donations came immediately after the devastation. As donations poured in, the need for volunteers rose.

Stantec’s Amanda Fabrig and Mandi Rowat worked quickly to set up four volunteer shifts for Calgary staff at the Food Bank. On the days of July 9 and 10, 16 people volunteered three hours of their time at the Food Bank’s warehouse, sorting and distributing food to Calgarians in need. That’s 48 hours of donated time in two days! The team’s eagerness to help those in need resulted in a lasting relationship with the Food Bank, enabling Stantec to set up future volunteer shifts to help their community long after the waters receded.

Thanks to the volunteers who made this possible:

Cathleen Randall, Ashley Kaltenback, Kelly Lively, Peter Flanagan, Lilian Lamprea, Heather Pringle, Maria Acosta, Adelopo Ofuya, Claire Wade, Angela Taylor, Adam Zukowski, Maureen Wood, Carolyn Smith, Erin Bradley, Marie Javan, and Lindsay Hamblin.

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