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Getting St. Patrick’s Bridge Back On Track

After almost two years of work, St. Patrick’s Bridge in Calgary was beginning to take shape. The structure spanned the Bow River, and all the decking was in place. However, on the day of the floods, safety, not construction was the priority for our project management team. Everyone cleared equipment from the bridge and evacuated. All they could do was watch as the full force of the river and debris hit the bridge and scaffold: trees, picnic tables, and even a truck.

As floodwaters receded, the damage was apparent. Debris and equipment covered the site. The force of the water had even washed large trailers downstream, but the resolve to deliver St, Patrick’s Bridge survived.

A full evaluation of the bridge revealed the flood had washed out the supports. With the site organized and bridge inspected, work began to support the bridge, and not long after, a decision was made to re-lay the bridge deck. The construction that followed was completely different to that previously planned. Not only had the shape of the island changed, but the team also needed to re-plan the construction, as the bridge needed some areas completely replaced.

Now, after a year of hard work and collaboration, St. Patrick’s Bridge is back to the stage of development it was at when the floods hit.

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