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Helping One Of Our Own: 25 Stantec Employees Help A Coworker In High River

When disaster strikes, it is always shocking to see the devastation left behind, and we want to do whatever we can to help our neighbors who are affected. But it hits even closer to home when someone we know, and see at work every day, is directly affected. Adam of our Oil & Gas team was one of the many victims of the flooding in the Town of High River. He remembers it well: the devastation of essentially losing his home, and the disgusting mess left behind after the waters receded. Adam and his family started an attempt to sift through the wreckage to get his house cleaned up to a livable standard. It seemed like an impossible feat, until two Stantec trucks and two cars pulled up, full of Adam’s coworkers, ready to help.

25 people from our Quarry Park office in Calgary worked tirelessly for two days to help a coworker many of them hardly knew. “But of those 25 people, a single person stood out, they work in stress analysis and their additional independent help and efforts were truly stress relief.” Adam says the group’s unrelenting effort was “something to be humbled by.”

“It is an interesting day when you see the heads of a division covered to their elbows in muck, putting forth as much effort as the person from document control… It was an outpouring of compassion, efforts that leave me to this day grateful of their time,” Adam adds.

A year later, Adam is still struggling to get his home in High River back to normal, and he cringes every time it rains, but at least the help of his colleagues provided a jumpstart for his recovery efforts, and an unexpected strengthened connection to his Stantec team.

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