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Pitching in with the Disaster Recovery Program

Following the 2013 floods in Southern Alberta, homeowners everywhere were hit with the realization that their insurance companies wouldn’t cover most of the damage. Faced with the overwhelming task of rebuilding, they looked to the Alberta Government’s Disaster Recovery Program (DRP) for help.

The DRP’s task of evaluating homes in and around Calgary was enormous, and they looked to our client Landlink, who specializes in disaster recovery, for help. To help them meet the demand, Landlink called Pang Ng and our structural engineering team in Calgary to assess more than 50 homes in and around Calgary.

These assessments are a vital component of determining exactly how much damage the flood had done, and how much help the homeowner will receive from the DRP. Today, Pang’s team continues to support homeowners and the DRP, providing information needed keep communities rebuilding.

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