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Preparing Calgary for the Future: Flood Mitigation Program

We learned some tough lessons in last year’s flood event, and The City of Calgary is committed to taking action to prevent the same level of devastation in the future. Inevitably, runoff events will happen every spring, and we need to be prepared in case it ever gets to the same magnitude again. The City of Calgary has appointed Stantec to manage the City of Calgary Flood Mitigation Program. We were a “go to” for The City throughout the 2013 disaster, and we are now staying by their side, offering advice and expertise on the next steps to take proactive protection measures in preparation for future flood seasons. Harold Perrin and Tony Vlastelic are two of the team members who will be managing, designing projects and organizing documentation for projects within the Flood Mitigation Program. Perrin says that the recognition from the city is a reflection of Stantec’s unwavering commitment to the community and to ensuring safety for people across Calgary. We have never said no when confronted with the demands and challenges that the flood brought and we also understand how the management and organization piece works on a global scale, having hired experts from around the globe to gain insights and information to then provide for the City of Calgary. They have called us their “go to” but now they are making it official.

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