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Providing Expertise on the Alberta Flood Advisory Panel

In 2013, we saw water levels we never thought possible, and a path of unprecedented destruction carved throughout southern Alberta. With the retreat of the water, and the state of emergency lifted, all eyes were on the Province of Alberta to do something to prevent history from repeating itself. They needed a team of experts that would help find ways to protect the cities and towns in Alberta from future flood disasters. Tino DiManno was one of three appointed by the Province as the Engineering Experts for the Alberta Flood Advisory Panel which was tasked with evaluating the 2013 Alberta Floods in the Elbow River, Bow River, High River and Sheep River areas and determining proactive measures for the cities affected to prepare for future flood events.

Throughout Tino’s involvement on the Alberta Flood Advisory Panel, he worked closely with a Stantec team to provide the Province’s Advisory Panel with solutions to mitigate runoff from future flooding in the Bow River Basin. Russ Mackenzie, Harold Perrin, and Rick Carnduff worked with Tino creating a report outlining a number of flood mitigation initiatives which they provided to the Flood Advisory Panel. One of the recommendations in the report was based on an idea that our own Eric Tromposch envisioned. It was to install an 8-metre-diameter tunnel that would divert water from the Glenmore Reservoir on the Elbow River eastward to the Bow River effectively bypassing the downtown core. After consulting with experts from Europe where similar tunnels have been designed and are operating today, along with local contractors involved with tunnel construction, the idea of “Tromposch’s Tunnel” became, in concept, a possibility for future flood mitigation. The City of Calgary has taken that recommendation and is currently reviewing the feasibility and socio-economic benefit of the tunnel, with a report expected on this at the end of June 2014.

In addition, recommendations were outlined on the report to construct two dry dams in the Elbow River basin, along with two dry dams in the Highwood River basin and one on the Sheep River. Currently the Province is considering the recommendations in the report and is in the process of “fine tuning” the recommendations, indicating that it is their plan to construct a dry dam on the Elbow River. Albertans can take comfort in the fact that long-term, proactive actions are in the works to make sure spring runoff events don’t hit us quite as hard in the future.

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