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Safeguarding Drinking Water

As the Sheep River overflowed its banks in Okotoks, Alberta in June 2013, water quickly surrounded the water treatment plant, cutting off access to employees. EPCOR Water Services implemented an air transport system to keep the taps turned on, but rapid erosion from rushing floodwaters made damage to sections of the water treatment plant a concern.

After the water receded, EPCOR partnered with Stantec to prepare and submit an application for funding under the Flood Recovery Erosion Control Program (FREC) to implement erosion protection measures and make sure employees would always be able to access the plant during a flood.

Led by Juan Morales, our team prepared a report with different options to keep the plant safe and operational during future floods.  A strict FREC Program deadline meant the team had to produce the application in only two weeks. They recommended a pedestrian bridge to secure access to the plant if floodwaters hit again, and an armor rock barrier be placed at key locations within the plant site to protect the facility and reduce the impact of erosion.  

With funding approved for some of the measures, the team is now working to implement the design and construction phases to keep the plant operating smoothly if floodwaters hit again.

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