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Creativity is driven by purpose. Our aim is to transform, and that inspires us to approach every project with a fresh perspective. By focusing on collaboration and prioritizing inventiveness, Stantec teams bring big ideas to life through creative solutions.

Every project has distinct needs; discovering and embracing those differences fuels our creativity and drives our designs. We listen to our clients and communities, searching out their unique needs and circumstances and incorporating them into our solutions to achieve tailored, lasting, positive results.

Taking advantage of our global network, we build a targeted team for every project and call on diverse perspectives to create something extraordinary. When we work together, no problem is too large or too complex.

Whether Stantec’s contribution is a design that strikes the perfect balance between function and aesthetics, a feat of engineering that redefines what’s possible, or a project management approach that delivers results, we strive for outcomes that transcend the challenges they solve. We work to shape the communities we serve for the better. Creatively.

Want to see how?

Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk Highway

In the tundra of Northern Canada, up to 80% of the soil is ice. And even though the ground is hard when frozen, it becomes remarkably fragile when melted. Now imagine designing and constructing a highway across this frozen land. The Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk Highway (ITH)—a two-lane, all-season, 140-kilometre (87-mile) highway—is the first permanent roadway to connect southern Canada across the tundra to the Arctic Ocean. However, without careful and creative design, construction would permanently damage the sensitive environment.
Designing with a fragile environment in mind

This gravel-surface highway runs through Canada’s Northwest Territories.
The bridges and drainage structures were designed to minimize on-site fabrication.
Over 9 million cubic metres (318 million cubic feet) of material was needed for construction.

Digging into our options

In the years leading up to the construction, we worked with the Northwest Territories Department of Transportation and Inuvialuit-owned KAVIK-Stantec (one of our Indigenous partnerships) to identify potential borrow sources. The investigations were spread out over time and location to limit environmental impacts. Read More

The Road to Tuktoyaktuk

This highway connects southern Canada directly to the Arctic coastline. Stantec and our Inuvialuit partner, KAVIK-Stantec, are proud to have played a substantial role in its design and construction.

An environmental and national accomplishment

The award-winning highway runs over both arctic tundra and boreal forest—some of the most rugged terrain in Canada and some of the most sensitive. Our environmental services teams worked on rare plant, hydrotechnical, and archaeological impact reviews, terrain and permafrost mapping, mitigation and reclamation planning, numerous assessments, and more. The result? An extension to the national highway system that reaches the Arctic Ocean. It’s as momentous as finishing the railroad—connecting Canada from coast to coast to coast.
Meet Our Team

Erica Bonhomme, Principal

My career is a commitment to learning from others, learning from experience and bringing that knowledge to our clients to deliver business excellence.

Ren Cheng, Associate, Senior Bridge Engineer

There are always some weak spots in the structure, you must and will find them somewhere.
Ren Cheng Associate, Senior Bridge Engineer Read More

Nigel Denby, Vice President, Business Leader, Environmental Services (Geotechnical Canada)

I believe in working with clients to develop realistic and cost effective solutions to complex engineering problems.
Nigel Denby Vice President, Business Leader, Environmental Services (Geotechnical Canada) Read More

Warren McLeod, Principal

Seeing a project go from paper to reality—to a finished product in use by the community—makes every challenge worthwhile.

Erica Bonhomme


Ren Cheng

Associate, Senior Bridge Engineer

Nigel Denby

Vice President, Business Leader, Environmental Services (Geotechnical Canada)

Warren McLeod


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