To keep our people safe, we outline these critical risks in our Safe Work Practices and have designed procedures and plans to put controls in place for each. We focus on these critical risks as we complete project safety plans and our field level risk assessments.

Driving includes operating any motorized vehicle and requires focusing on the task—without distractions.

Working at heights is any work conducted above ground level, including access or egress to a place of work.

Traffic control is the assessment, planning, and communication required to conduct work near traffic safely.

Wildlife, insects, and vegetation are biological hazards that may be present in many outdoor work activities.

Mobile and heavy equipment such as excavators, drill rigs, and cranes that can come in contact with people are a hazard.

Environments with water or ice describes work on or near water that may be calm, tidal, flowing, or frozen.

Ground disturbance activities involve a manufactured cut, cavity, trench, or depression in the earth’s surface.

Ergonomic hazards and manual handling can be present in workstation setup (office or field) and while lifting, carrying, pushing, or pulling materials and equipment.

Hazardous materials and environments include any chemicals, substances, or locations that pose a risk to health, safety, property, or the environment.

Hazardous energy includes risks such as electrical, pressure, mechanical, and other types of energy.

Hot work includes welding, grinding, open flame, and other tasks which may provide a source of ignition for flammable and/or combustible materials.

Confined spaces have limited entry or egress and are not suitable for human inhabitants.

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