At Stantec, we want to ensure that we’re working as effectively as possible with and for Indigenous Peoples. In order to do that, we’ve committed to attaining certification in the Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business’ (CCAB) Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) program.

What is PAR?

PAR is a federally-recognized certification program and framework for the successful and sustainable implementation of Indigenous relations within an organization. The PAR program encourages companies to evolve and participate in a growing Indigenous business economy across Canada through the creation of mutually-beneficial business relationships between companies and the Indigenous communities that they work in. 

How does PAR work?

PAR verifies corporate initiatives and outcomes in four key performance areas—leadership, employment, business development, and community leadership. This holistic evaluation determines each company’s PAR performance achievement (Gold, Silver, or Bronze). One of our key initiatives is attaining PAR certification—and we’re aspiring for Gold.

Why PAR?

PAR certification signals to Indigenous communities that a company is a good business partner, supports a workplace that is inclusive of Indigenous Peoples, and is committed to playing a role in the growing prosperity of Indigenous communities. Earning PAR certification is important to Stantec. It helps us fulfill our promise to foster community development and it aligns perfectly with our values.

We’re better together

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