Direct-Reading Instrument for Industrial Hygiene Applications Training

Classroom/Virtual Course

Using real-time, direct-reading instruments (DRIs) can help detect and measure worker exposure to gases, vapors, aerosols, and fine particulates suspended in air. Examples of DRIs include portable gas chromatographs for volatile and semi volatile compounds, x-ray fluorescence detectors for metals determinations, and immunochemical assay kits. Using and maintaining DRIs is essential to obtain accurate information when evaluating air contaminants. Our in-depth course will take you through the steps of proper use, care, and maintenance of DRIs, data evaluation, and communication. We’ll cover types of DRIs and general principles of operation, the advantages and limitations of DRIs, how to select the most appropriate DRI for your project, and the appropriate calibration methods for industrial hygiene (IH) sampling. You’ll learn how to conduct field sampling, validate results, analyze data, and communicate results effectively.

Training (1 hour or 2 hour options)

This course is available upon request. We can deliver the training at your office location, at a Stantec office, or in a virtual classroom. For further details and pricing, please contact us.