Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Awareness Training

Classroom/Virtual Course

Indoor air quality (IAQ) can affect the way we breathe, our health, comfort, and productivity at home or during work. Our course provides a thorough understanding of IAQ in office settings and non-industrial workplaces and describes applicable guidelines and regulatory requirements. You’ll learn about the “sick building syndrome” and its causes, safe exposure levels, health effects, and measurement techniques as well as building ventilation systems, indoor flow characteristics, and thermal comfort. Characteristics associated with indoor air contaminants (IAC) are demonstrated, including particulate matters (PM2.5, PM10), dust mites, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), bio-aerosols, and more. 

Training (1 hour or 2 hours)

This course is available upon request. We can deliver the training at your office location, at a Stantec office, or in a virtual classroom. For further details and pricing, please contact us.