Project Management & Supervision Fundamentals

Blended learning for residential construction site managers

The Professional Home Builders Institute of Alberta (PHBI) helps home builders learn to manage their businesses and finances. Their certification programs help builders and companies develop the management, marketing, and construction knowledge that will support their building skills.

We designed and developed several courses in project management and supervisor training that were used in the PHBI certification programs. The courses were a blend of online and classroom training to give learners an introduction to project management and supervision. We developed the two-day classroom course around the five phases of project management with interactive learning activities throughout. The one-hour online portion provided an overview of the program topics and then the two-day classroom course covered the topics in more depth. We built this online module to include audio narration, mini case studies, and learning checkpoints to reinforce key concepts.

For builders, Project Management and Supervision Fundamentals guides towards full certification as a residential construction site manager. For PHBI, it helps build the foundation for leadership in home building, and for Albertans, it helps build better communities.