Building Equipment Maintenance Scope of Work Documents

Delivering maintenance checklists to international building operators

The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade faced a problem: how could international contractors perform routine building maintenance in Canadian embassies when they had limited access to Canadian building codes and standards?

Scope of work documents often refer to specific sections of Canadian codes and standards. Although this may be suitable for Canadian contractors who are familiar with and have access to those codes, international contractors don’t always know where to find the right information. So the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade decided to give those contractors Scope of Work documents that explained the routine maintenance required by Canadian building codes and standards, instead of simply referring to specific sections. They asked us to write those documents in plain language, in both English and French, so they could easily be translated to the language preferred by the local contractors. 

Now their international contractors are able to perform proper maintenance in Canadian embassies to make sure the building and everyone inside is healthy and safe.